Ready to Bake Gourmet Pastries

Exceptional Oven-Ready Frozen Croissants and Danishes. 

At Boulangerie Solignac our baking expertise goes back four generations.  No one knows more about handcrafting extraordinary Croissants and Danish than we do.  Every pastry that comes from our bakery is created in the authentic French style using recipes passed down from French master chefs.

When you order pre-proofed, egg-washed frozen pastries from Boulangerie Solignac you know they are made using only the finest quality ingredients, and they are guaranteed to bake up crisp, fluffy, buttery and golden brown...just the way delicious gourmet pastries are meant to be.  There is truly no better frozen pastry product on the market. 


 Retail Update

We now have a line of all butter, bake at home gourmet pastries.   Imagine having fresh, warm croissants or puff pastry apple turnovers right out of your own oven.  Click on our Retail Baking Instructions on the left side of this page to see how to prepare our pastries at home.  We now have Butter Croissants, Whole Wheat Croissants, Chocolate Croissants and Puff Pastry Apple Turnovers.  Our products are available at Whole Foods and other fine markets throughout Northern California and the Pacific Northwest.  For a list of our retail locations check us out on Facebook.

Click below to see the pre-launch video review of our pastries by The Frozen Food Master, Gregory Ng of Freezer Burns.


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